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Video & Audio Recordings

Sharing Spiritual Truths that Transform

Tracey classifies herself as a transformational speaker.  She desires for the biblically based spiritual insights she shares with her audiences to facilitate personal growth and transformation. Her goal is to inspire others to look within and take a spiritual inventory and receive the encouragement for their spiritual journey. Her life purpose is to help others come to a deeper, more personal relationship with the Lord which will lead to abundant living.

YouTube Video & Audio Interviews

Tracey L. Moore's YouTube Channel

This channel contains the poetic videos of Tracey L. Moore, aka The Purposeful Poet. Her purpose is to encourage, uplift and inspire you to be your best for Christ. 

Interviews & Speaking Engagements

MCTV EP116: Host Dr. Miracle Pettenger talks with special guest, AUTHOR & PURPOSEFULL POET, Tracey L. Moore about festive and innovative ways families can keep Christ in Christmas.


Breakfast with Bacon Radio Show,  (Host,Christine Bacon)


Guest Tracey L Moore discusses her newest book "Keeping Christ in Christmas." From St. Nick to Santa to Jesus - Author's New Book Puts THEFocus Back on the One True Gift Giver.

Mindmagick Radio Program NO FEARTracey L Moore
00:00 / 55:47

Mind Magick Radio Program

This broadcast contains a special interview with Tracey L. Moore on the topic of FEAR.

Journey To Legacy Interview with the Purposeful PoetNative Production
00:00 / 45:38

Native Productions - The Journey to Legacy Show


This broadcast contains a special interview with poet, Tracey L. Moore, author of Oasis for My Soul. Tune in to hear about Tracey's vision for encouraging, uplifting and inspiring people to be the best they can be for Christ. She will share parts of her world where spirituality and poetry collide.

GFEM_Talk_Show_-_Valentine's_Day 022113 Tracey's SegmentTracey L Moore
00:00 / 08:14

GFEM Talk Show - Valentine's Day


This broadcast contains an interview with Tracey L. Moore (a.k.a. The Purposeful Poet) in which she discusses how to include God in your Valentine’s Day celebration and how to make His Valentine’s Day a special one.

Poem: He Got Up


Read by Tracey L. Moore from her book entitled, Oasis for My Soul

Speaking engagement at The Well Coffeehouse in Portsmouth, Virginia

Poems: Fear,  Magic Eyes, and  Die Empty

Speaking engagement at Christ Chosen Church

The Message: Why Worry?

Speaking Engagement at Bank Street Memorial Baptist Church

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